Bunny Beach Towel Easter Baskets

beach towel easter basket featured

Surprise your children with a brand new Easter basket this year!  These bunny beach towel Easter baskets are inspired by those cute boo-boo bunnies which are much smaller and made out of a single washcloth, with an ice cube inside.   The construction is nearly the same, but this one uses a matching hand towel inside to make the bottom of the basket, and the face is more elaborate.  Oh yeah, and it’s huge!

The Hows and Whys

I’ve always hated storing those cheap spray-painted wicker baskets that we usually use for Easter baskets.  I have 9 children still at home so that’s a LOT of awkwardly shaped baskets that don’t stack evenly, or AT ALL if they don’t have a handle that folds down.   For an item that is only used one day a year, it shouldn’t take up the same storage space as our Christmas tree!

bunny beach towel easter baskets old stack

This year I’ve come up with a more practical solution, bunny beach towel Easter baskets.   Now when Easter is over, our household will have 9 new bath towels and hand towels as well.  Drawbacks? Well these baskets are best used as tabletop baskets or centerpieces, not best for carrying all around the house since the bottom of the basket is only “tucked” into place.    You could sew them together permanently, but I wanted mine to be easily dismantled after Easter was over.   So if your little ones still do egg hunts, you;ll either need to use your old style baskets or do what I do and just hand out plastic grocery sacks.  Don’t scoff, you know you’ve done it too!

I had a slight change of plans after looking at the selection of beach towel patterns at my local store.  I chose to go with solid color “bath” towels in spring colors instead.   An extra bonus was that the matching hand towels are sitting right next to them on the shelf.  If you decide to use a beach towel you will have to go to the bath section and find a close match to your towel’s pattern, or just use a white one.

beach towel bunny supplies

Supplies needed:

  • One large beach or bath towel (mine was 30×54″)
  • One matching hand towel
  • Twine or string
  • A large 1″ wide button
  • Needle and thread
  • White pipe cleaners
  • 2 Googly eyes (1 inch diameter)
  • Adhesive mounting squares

beach towel easter basket steps 1 to 4

  • Lay the towel out flat on the floor.
  • Roll one corner inward, at an angle (as shown).
  • Roll the opposite corner inward the same way.
  • Keeping the rolls tight, bring them together in the middle, like a scroll.

beach towel easter basket steps 5 and 6

  • Setting the double rolls on edge, fold them around to make a loop.
  • Fold the upward to form the ears, as shown.  You may have to tighten up your original rolls as you go if they seem to have loosened up.

beach towel easter basket steps 7 8 9

  •  Using twine or string, tie off the folded over edge to form the bunny’s face.
  •  Tighten and trim off extra string.
  • Fold ears forward.

beach towel easter basket steps 10 to 13

  • Fold the hand towel in half and check to make sure it will be large enough to fit as the bottom of the basket.  If not, use it unfolded and just tuck in all the extra material.  I tried a washcloth for this part, but it just didn’t have enough extra material to make a sturdy bottom, and kept falling out.
  • From underneath, tuck each corner of the hand towel, in between the two rolls and then down inside the lower roll.
  • Do all four corners this way.   Re-tighten the original rolls when done.   See picture above for what it looks like when flipped upside down.

Making a Face

beach towel easter basket 14 and 15

  • To make the nose and whiskers, twist 3 pipe cleaners around each other in the center.  Then using a needle and thread attach the button to the center of the pipe cleaner bunch.  I just did about 3 loops around.

beach towel easter basket attach nose

  • Now, flip it over and using the same thread, tack the button into place with a few stitches taken from each side of the bunny’s face.   Don’t attach it too firmly, because when Easter is over, this should be still be easy to remove.

beach towel easter basket steps 16 and 17

  • To make the eyes, I used 1 inch wide plastic googly-eyes, attached by a small adhesive mounting square.   If you don’t stick it and re-stick it too many times, it holds on quite well to the towel fibers.  This will also be easily removed later.

beach towel easter basket end article pic

I made 3 bunnies to start with in brown, white, and lavender.  Even with some heavy liquid soaps in the body of the basket the bottom holds very well.  Even so, don’t move it around too much, just in case.  These took about 10 minutes each to construct.  Whew!  Now I just have six more to make and I’ll be ready for this Sunday!

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