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Safety Pin Nursery Wall Art

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Safety Pin Nursery Wall Art

Need a last minute baby shower gift?  This safety pin nursery wall art is a great idea that comes together very quickly. The four frames tell a sequential story of the creation of a new family.  It starts with two adult sized pins (1.5″ tall) and ends with two adult pins and one baby-sized pin (1/2″ tall).   If your loved one already has a child or two, simply add them in at the beginning to show the family increasing in size.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A four-section picture frame
  • Acrylic paint in pink and blue
  • Small head paint brush
  • Colored card stock or paper for the background
  • Sharp scissors or a sliding paper cutter.
  • Clear box tape
  • Safety Pins in a variety of sizes
  • E6000 glue (or some other clear silicone-type adhesive)
  • Toothpicks


Begin by painting the heads of the safety pins the appropriate colors to indicate male and female.  You only need to pain one side of the pin, but make sure that you are painting the same side of the pin for all of them.  I chose to make sure all of mine opened on the right hand side.  You need 8 adult-sized pins, four pink and four blue.  Also, 3 small child-sized pins painted the appropriate color.  If the gender is unknown, or you want the art to be multi-purpose you could leave the pins completely unpainted.

diy safety pin nursery wall art painting

Allow the pins to dry.  Depending on your paint you might need to do a second coat.

diy safety pin nursery wall art painted pins

Next slightly bend the open side of one of the adult pink pins to make a slight bulge.

diy safety pin nursery wall art bent pin

Next, prepare the frame.  Unwrap and dismantle the frame, discard the sample print paper but keep the mat for the next step.  We will use the mat as a pattern to cut the background paper to size.  Set the rest of the frame aside for now.

diy safety pin nursery wall art unwrapped

My cardstock was 12″ x 12″ which wasn’t long enough to fill the entire frame, so I joined 2 pieces together with some clear box tape.  This seam will be hidden below the center column of the mat.

diy safety pin nursery wall art taped seam

Now that you have one long piece of card stock, use the mat as a template and outline the outer edges to make a cut line.  Cut along the line you just made.

diy safety pin nursery wall art outline mat

Next flip the background over so that the taped side is facing down.  Place the mat on top and then with a pencil make some very light lines in each window to mark the center.   You could make a dot, but I chose to make a small cross.  This will help us keep the placement of the pins even and centered.

safety pin nursery wall art centers

Now lay out all of your pins into their final positions.

diy safety pin nursery wall art laid out

Applying the glue

Squeeze out a quarter sized dab of E6000 glue onto some scrap paper or paper towel.  Using a toothpick, apply a very tiny dab of glue to the back-side of the head of the safety pin.  It’s kinda tricky to get just enough, but not so much that it will show.  I practiced a few times with an extra unpainted pin and some scratch paper in order to figure out how to get it just right.  In case you were wondering, hot glue and super glue gel will not work well for this purpose at all. The hot glue is very hard to get just a small dab and it cools too quickly to allow time for careful placement.  The superglue made a wet spot on the paper and did not adhere to the metal very well at all.  The E6000 is easy to control dries more slowly, and is not too wet.

Here’s a side view of my little dab of glue:

diy safety pin nursery wall art dab of glue

Allow the glue to dry for at least 30 minutes before moving.  After that, you can reconstruct the frame.  And then you are finished.  Wrap it nicely and deliver!

diy safety pin nursery wall art featured image

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